• Felix Aarts

    Dutch artist Felix Aarts graduated from the Royal Conservatory in the Netherlands with a Bachelors in Ballet. He has been engaged by companies such as the State Opera Ballet Berlin, the Ballet du Rhin and the Leipzig Ballet, dancing many soloist roles and collaborating with international choreographers. In 2009 he joined the studio program at the Strykejernet Art School in Oslo, Norway. In 2013 he graduated from Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY with an MFA in Painting. Felix Aarts has been working as a visual artist, choreographer, photographer and performer internationally.

    I create two and three dimensional works that deal with the issues of painting. In my work I am setting up a reality that seems at the first glance to confuse rather then to charm, but spent more time with, one can be attracted or distracted by it. I want to engage with painting in a way that has a value in the intellect yet leaving freedom for the childlike careless way of looking at painting without the burden of history. By placing myself in the uncomfortable position where what I create does not always correspond to my visual satisfaction, I am tapping into unknown territory where the mind and the eye seem to be in perfect harmony with the unbalanced reality.